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Sip-N-Party masks are essentially two masks in one or a mask with two  compartments; one for the nose and the second covers the mouth. The mouth can be partially uncovered by lifting an apron to sip through a straw, bottle, or a cup. The mouth opening is large enough to eat smaller bites, nuts, bar snacks, and other finger food.


Side pleats, a tailored design that wraps under the chin, and soft adjustable elastic bands allow you to breathe and speak comfortably without the need to readjust the mask on your face. Features a built-in nose piece for a better fit.


Made from a designer premium quality Japanese cotton fabrics and featuring excellent U.S. hand-sewn craftsmanship. Long-lasting, washable, and reusable. All fabric patterns have been carefully selected by our team to provide an elegant look while allowing people to enjoy travel and favorite activities with friends and family.

Perfect for travel, concerts, theaters, casinos, and festivals

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Now more important than ever

As SARS-CoV-2 continues its global spread, it’s possible that one of the
pillars of Covid-19 pandemic control — universal facial masking — might
help reduce the severity of disease and ensure that a greater proportion
of new infections are asymptomatic. [...] universal masking could become
a form of “variolation” that would generate immunity and thereby slow
the spread of the virus in the United States and elsewhere, as we await a

September 8, 2020,