About Us

In 2017 I walked into a property built in 1910 that used to be an ice factory, then five different churches, and lastly, a retail business selling antique, old, and repurposed architectural supplies. I loved the bones of the building and made an offer to buy it two hours later the same day. I had to work on zoning and regulatory matters for an approval to convert this building into an events venue.
Two years later, in August 2019, I received the full occupancy certificate and opened up Victory North, www. victorynorthsavannah.com.

We hosted over 70 concerts and multiple weddings and private functions before we had to shut down on March 15, 2020.

CoVid was devastating to Victory North and all the hard work and investments made since May 2017. The need to combat CoVid restrictive effect on events, concerts, and people having a good time while being safe, lead me to design Sip-N-Party masks (utility patent, design patents, and trademark applications pending).

This mask design allows people to be safer in larger crowds, not only in concerts, theaters, cinemas, but other public and private events, sports arenas, stadiums, airports, airplanes, universities, schools, casinos, etc., where wearers may have a drink or small bites.

The masks can be customized to suit by choice of style, fabric, and logo. A bride and groom may choose to have the names, date, etc. on the mask. A sports team can choose the color and add their logo, music bands can request customized mask, etc.

The designs are unique, and our choice of fabric and prints results in masks that are not only functional but beautiful and fashionable. The masks are suited to wear on a leisurely walk, shopping, concerts, black tie events, on an airplane, and other crowded gatherings.