1- Can I wash the mask?
Yes. The masks are durable. Hand wash with mild soap and lukewarm water. Lay flat on a washcloth and shape the mask including the pleats. Allow to dry overnight. The masks are softer after the first wash. Iron the masks with a warm iron to smooth out wash wrinkles and any sewing puckering, especially the mini bandana attachment line. It is recommended to use a pressing cloth to avoid ironing shine. A hot iron might ruin the mask. Keep iron away from the ear loops. The back of the mask may be ironed as well.

2- How can I adjust the mask nose compartment? 

This is best done with the mask in place and ear loops have been adjusted.

The nose compartment air circulation is controlled by the elastic under the nose and the nose wire. To adjust this compartment, follow the two steps below:

 - Pull the top of the mask over the nose bridge. Shape the nose wire over the nose bridge and sides of the nose. When the wire is pushed too tight against the skin, the nose compartment becomes more sealed. A looser nose wire adjustment allows more air in and out of the nose compartment. The tighter the nose compartment is sealed, the more air to the nose is filtered through the mask fabric. A very tight seal makes breathing harder.

 - Simultaneously grab the mask apron below the nose with the forefinger and thumb, pull forward a little feeling the elastic and then push against the upper lip just below the nose. Try to feel the fabric lying flat on upper lip just below the nose.


3- How can the lanyard be adjusted?

Loosen the tension of the cord passing through each side loop. Pull the cord downward through each loop so that length of the cord to be behind the ear gets as short as 1.5 - 2.0 inches long.

Put the lanyard behind your neck.

Place the face mask on our face, with the loosen ear loops behind the ears. The loops shall get longer and looser as you place the ear loop behind the ear.

Then hold the right loop and pull the cord below the loop with the other hand increasing the tension behind the ear. Then repeat on the left side.

Adjust the nose compartment.